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Tips and tricks for your Tesla (as of 2019.32.x). Updated August 27,2019

  • Pressing the T logo and then swiping down on the top of the window will reveal the “hidden easter eggs”.
  • Triple tap T logo to go straight to games.
  • The [^] toolbar now includes icons for the games and the easter eggs.
  • Long pressing the fan icon will turn the climate control on or off.
  • Press the navigate search bar and swipe right or down to automatically route to your home or work location based on your location.
  • Tap the speed limit sign to reset your cruise speed to the speed limit on the sign (plus or minus your setting for relative speed)
  • Format a USB stick and create a folder named TeslaCam on it. Insert it in one of the two USB slots in the front most compartment in the console to record dash cam and sentry videos.
  • When there is a software update ready a yellow stopwatch icon will appear in the top right area of the screen. You can tap it to reschedule or install the update immediately.
  • To make your Tesla slowly move forward when idle like a ICE car, enable creep under “Driving”. When using creep you can still place the car in hold by depressing the brake pedal hard.
  • Display brightness under “Quick Controls” and “Display” also controls the ambient interior lighting brightness.
  • A soft push up or down on the blinker stalk will cause the blinker to flash momentarily for passing. You can also use this in the opposite direction to turn off the blinker, should it not automatically stop.
  • When driving on cruise, pressing the right steering button right will decrease the minimum car lengths while pushing it left will increase the length. Spinning the right control when up will increase cruise speed and down will decrease cruise speed.
  • Long pressing the telephone icon changes the text to ahoy-hoy
  • Long pressing the car icon sends some form of feedback to Tesla.
  • When asked to apply steering during auto pilot you can move one of the scroll wheels as a quicker option.
  • If your model 3 has a musty smell when the first turns on try disabling cabin temperature protection or changing it to No AC. This smell is caused by water in the evaporator not drying or draining properly and the less the AC runs while stationary the better.
  • Even if you are just going directly to a known super charger, select it as a navigation destination so the pre charge battery prep will occur and improve your charging.

Know of other tips or tricks? Comment below so we can add to the list.

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