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Firmware Build v9.0 2019.24.1 1d133ad (2019.24.4 73fb1ab)

First seen: July 8, 2019

CHAdeMO adapter support: Tesla says that any North American Tesla vehicle, including Model 3, on the firmware 2019.24.1 can use the adapter.

Sketchpad Improvements

Sketchpad has been improved to make it easier to create your next masterpiece. The color picker now supports color saturation and in the case you make a mistake, you can now undo multiple changes. To access Sketchpad, tap on the Application Launcher > Toybox > Sketchpad.

Application Launcher

The Application Launcher has been updated to include the Toybox to access easter eggs and the Arcade to access games. As usual, the Arcade can only be launched when your car is in PARK.

Bopomofo Keyboard

You now have the option of inputting text using the Bopomofo keyboard. Please note that the Bopomofo keyboard is only available when the Infotainment system language is set to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan). To change the language. tap Controls > Display > Language



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