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Tesla CyberTruck: What We Know.

Single ($39k, 250miles)/Dual/Triple ($69k, 500miles) Motor Options

14000lb towing capacity

6.5 foot bed

16″ of ground clearance

Cold Rolled Steel (same as spaceX starship) exoskeleton vs body on frame

Middle front seat converts into cup holder/console

Armored Tesla Glass (beta apparently)

Compressed paper dash

Rollaway “vault” cover

LED Lights around bed rails

L-Track tie down system in bed

Retractable ramp inside tailgate

Roof Light Bar

Front Light Bar

Rear LED brake light bar

110/220v AC plugs in bed

Air Compressor in bed capable of running air tools

Adaptive Air Suspension

6 seats

Camera based rear view mirror

Camera based side mirrors. No physical mirrors

Matte Black Option Available (other colors via wrap)

Solar panel on vault cover as an option (up to 15 miles charge capability a day)

Large interior screen with no instrument panel ala Model 3/Y

250+ kw supercharging

Stacked battery packs to allow for large capacity

Storage under bed like Honda ridgeline

Storage in “sail pillars” above bed

Completely sealed smooth undercarriage

optional 2 seat electric ATV



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